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For years, we have been serving consumers and their families in the state area of California,

& neighboring states.


Mr. Jonas Victor, also known as the “Mr. Credit Guy,” is a successful Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach,

and the owner and CEO of “Credit Repairs Finest.” Creating success is his business. He is a dynamic

and self-motivated out-of-the-box thinker with a mind for business.


He is a unique and gifted soul who enjoys helping people of all ages identify their goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. As a Certified Life Coach, he is professionally trained to help others maximize their full potential and reach their desired results.

Through processes such as helping people overcome things like the “Monday morning blues,” building

confidence exercises, finding a careers they love, getting clear on their goals, staying accountable to

those goals, do more of the activities that engage them, form better relationships, and just have more

meaning in their lives, Jonas has been able to help many people achieve success. While working with

clients through his life skill coaching sessions, Jonas quickly discovered that the majority of people he

was working with had no working knowledge of the credit system and the game it plays with their lives.

They had no real idea of how the credit game is played and how they could stack the deck in their favor.

Jonas’s company was soon to be the “go-to” advisor in giving no-nonsense and answers to consumers

in order to ante up on the credit game. Through Jonas, his clients have been able to roll the dice and

learn how the “real world” of credit works and how they can play the game too.

For years he had watched people of all ages, races and religions being taken advantage of by big

business structures. He then found his passion. A passion to help himself and other people by truly

understanding how the credit system works and how it works against people. By teaching others how

to play the game, he has literally helped others to change it up and play to win the game. Through

Jonas’s previous experience and training in sales and life coaching skills, Jonas is now able to work with

a wide-variety of professionals and every-day consumers across the country to offer “real world”

advice. His primary goal today is to help people layout the best course of action to follow and the tools

necessary to achieve credit repair and further their financial goals.

With his experience in the overwhelming credit industry world, Jonas has personally reviewed

hundreds of consumer credit files for mortgage professionals, investment groups, and every-day

consumers. Jonas brings “powerful” applications to consumers who are searching for practical answers

to their credit questions. As part of his quest to serve his community and give consumers a better

understanding of the complicated credit system, he frequently volunteers his free time and knowledge

to work with future home buyers, single parents, low income families, churches, and people with stolen

identity cases trying to restart their lives and create a better way for themselves and their families.

Jonas’s understanding of credit laws, how they function, and the ways in which they are interpreted

by credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies is the key to his success.


Jonas believes that

credibility in the credit industry is a must. Through basic credit education, he shares knowledge of false,

misleading, and unverifiable claims frequently made by collections agencies, credit companies ,and

creditors in order to lure consumers to their services. As a dedicated and credible credit expert, Jonas

teaches consumers to seek the truth in all areas of their lives and achieve financial security.


Jonas Victor

Owner and President

7474 El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942​


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Great Staff

Jonas did not just send out dispute letters like other companies. He will customize each clients needs with a personalized credit repair plan for maximum results.

He will update you, coach you, and answer all of your questions.

He communicated directly with all three credit bureaus to make sure changes was made to my credit report, and challenges negative items on all three credit reports. Plus, he sent letters to my lenders to fix any mistakes that was on my credit report.

But what I was highly impressed with the following:

- He will monitor your credit for you.
- He will set you up with identity theft protection.
- As well as provide you with the best credit reviewing software so you can also monitor your credit reports.
- He offers a 90 day guarantee.
- He has excellent customer services.

Overall, I would highly recommend Jonas to help repair and maintain good credit!

Bridgette M.

Bridgette M.

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